who we are


Impacto was established in June 5th 2001, in the segment of Aircraft Cleaning, Conservation and Preventive Maintenance. The company started with small services and has been gradually gaining market share, increasing the number of customers and practice areas, thanks to the Excellence in Quality and Safety in the performance of services, which is our trademark.

Impacto's President and CEO, Jose Luiz Figueiredo is a passionate professional for aviation with forward thinking and over 30 years of experience in the aeronautical industry. He plans his actions wisely watching the shortcomings of the market, looking for solutions that will exceed his customers expectations and the satisfaction of his employees.


To increase the life span of all aircraft through Exceptional Quality & Safety in cleaning and maintenance services to our clients.


To Impact the World as the Premier Cleaning Aircraft Company."


✔ Security
✔ Quality of Our Services
✔ Confidence
✔ Commitment
✔ Transparency
✔ Customer Satisfaction Internal and External
✔ Social Responsibility
✔ Respect for the Individual
✔ Innovation
✔ Sustainability
✔ Synchrony and Ingenuity
✔ Respect for the Environment


The IMPACTO is a maintenance repair station certified by ANAC – Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority under number 0607-05/ANAC in the categories C4, D3 and H. Strategically located in the International Airport of Guarulhos - SP, one of the most modern in Latin America.

Our goal is to provide our customers a qualified manpower, technically competent and extremely motivated, in a process of continuous improvement in order to stay ahead in the market for aircraft maintenance and conservation services.

Technical Requirements

The IMPACTO faithfully fulfills all the requirements established by ANAC and its staff is prepared to meet additional requirements requested by our customers, both operators of aircraft dedicated to transporting passengers or cargo or aircraft leasing companies and / or engines.


In the ground support, IMPACTO has modern equipments for adequate access to various types of aircrafts, diversified tooling, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) and Collective Protection Equipment (CPE’s) in order to ensure the implementation of services within the required safety standards to professionals involved in the activities and assets of our customers.


✔ No need to increase the fixed cost structure and creation of minimum services structure for scheduled maintenance services;

✔ Better financial planning of maintenance costs, more accurately to meet the planned annual budget;

✔ Possibility of flexible use of manpower in various airports in all over the country, due to the increase in demand for flights and ground time of aircraft;

✔ Allows the customer to maintain a lean structure, for the quality control of maintenance processes carried out by IMPACTO, as well as to check if the documentation provided was filled out accordingly;

✔ Fast feedback to the customer, as well as adaptation to new procedures.

Environmental Policy

IMPACTO maintains environment preservation as part of its values, by the rational use of resources, the continuous improvement of our processes, the appropriate handling of waste and the fulfilling of national laws, by the use of biodegradable products for continuous life quality for future generations without harming the environment.

fulfilling of national laws, by